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Create a Database In SQL Server

Create a Database In SQL Server

Database:- A Database is a Systematic Collection of Data.It Contains Tables,Rows and Columns.

Database Management System:-A Database Management System is a Collection of programs that enables you store,Modify and Extract Information from a Database.


In SQL Server Management Studio We can Create a Database In Two Ways :

1.Graphically and

2. Using a Query.

1.Graphically:-  After Connecting SQL Server

1.Right Click On Databases  -> Then Select New Database…

2.Give the Database name in Database name  text box ->  Then Click On OK Button..It Creates the Database.

Then You Should Expand the Databases folder and you will see Database name Created there..


2.Using a Query :- We can also Create a Database using a Query.

1.Take New Query Window editor then

2. Write a query in that window


Create Database <DatabaseName>


Create Database Sample



then Refresh the Databases Folder you will see Database name what ever you creates here you will see Database name Sample in Databases Folder.




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