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How to Connect SQL Server

How to Connect SQL Server:

Once you Installed sql server Successfully  on your machine,You Should Follow Following Steps to Connect SQL Server:-

1.Go to Start Menu->All Programs ->Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 or any version  Folder -> Select  SQL Server Management Studio.

Next We Will Get Like This:









2. Usually The Server type is: Database Engine and If you Want to connect local Database you should use Server Name is: . (Dot) key word  Or Select or Create (local) Key Word in Combo Box.  

3.If you want to Connect any other Server or System We Should Specify IP Address Or Server Name In Server Name Combo box.

4.Next One is Authentication: Here We Should Observer Window Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. If You use Window Authentication it takes Login name and Password from Windows by Default or If you use SQL Server Authentication you Should Provide Login Id and Password What you Provided at Installed Time.SQL Server Authentication type Provide the Security for your Databases.





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