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Visual Studio Shortcut Keys

Visual Studio Shortcut Keys:

All We Know By Using Visual Studio We can make different types of Applications By using Short cut keys we can complete our project in very fastly. Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from the keyboard. This page lists out the Short Cut Keys By Microsoft

Visual Studio Shortcut Keys:

1.General Shortcuts
Sno ShortCutKey Description
1 Ctrl+s Save Current File
2 Ctrl+Shift+s Save All FIles
3 Ctrl+Shift+N Create New Document
4 Ctrl+O Open Saved File
5 Ctrl+Shift+O Open Saved Project
6 Ctrl+Shift+A Add New Item To Current Project
7 Ctrl+P Print Current Document
8 Alt+Shift+Enter Toggle Full Screen Mode
9 Ctrl+F4 Close Current Tab
10 Ctrl+tab Switch Between Current Tabs
11 Ctrl+Shift+> Increases Font Size
12 Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease Font Size
13 Esc Close Dialog
2.Find and Replace
Sno ShortCutKey Description
1 Ctrl+F Find and replace dialog box
2 Alt+F12 Find Symbols
3 Ctrl+Shift+F Find in Files
4 F3 Find Next
5 Shift+F3 Find Previous
6 Ctrl+H Replace DialogBox
7 Shift+F12 or Ctrl+K,R Find all references for selected symbol
8 Ctrl+G Go To Line Number
9 Ctrl+, Display Navigate-To dialog box
10 Ctrl+] Go to matching brace in Current source file
11 Shift+Ctrl+Arrow down Jump to next occurrence of highlighted symbol
12 Shift+Ctrl+Arrow up Jump to previous occurrence of highlighted symbol
3.Code Editor Window
Sno ShortCutKey Description
1 Ctrl+C Copy Selected Text
2 Ctrl+X Cut Selected Text
3 Ctrl+P Paste Cut/Copied Text
4 Ctrl+Z Undo
5 Ctrl+Y Redo
6 Shift+Arrow Keys Extend selection one character/one line
7 Ctrl+Shift+End Extend selection to end
8 Ctrl+Shift+Home Extend selection to beginning of document
9 Ctrl+Shift+] Extend selection to next brace
10 Shift+End Extend selection to end of Current Line
11 Shift+Home Extend selection to Starting of Current Line
12 Shift+Page Down Extends selection down one page
13 Shift+Page Up Extends selection Up to one page
14 Ctrl+Shift+Page Down Extend selection to Ending of Current Display Area
15 Ctrl+Shift+Page Up Extend selection to Starting of Current Display Area
16 Ctrl+A Select All
17 F7 Switch To Code window from Designer Window
18 Shift+F7 Switch To Designer window from Code Window
19 Esc Clear Selection
Sno ShortCutKey Description
1 F6 or Ctrl+shift+b Build solution
2 Ctrl+Alt+F7 Rebuild solution
3 Ctrl+Break Cancel build process
4 Ctrl+\+E Show error list
5 F9 Toggle Breakpoint
6 Ctrl+B Insert new function Breakpoint
7 F5 Start debugging
8 F11 Debug / step into
9 F10 Debug / step over
10 Shift+F11 Debug / step out
11 Ctrl+F10 Debug / run to cursor
12 Ctrl+Alt+Q Show Quickwatch window
13 Ctrl+Shift+F10 Set current statement to be the next executed
14 Alt+* (on numeric keyboard) Show next statement
15 Ctrl+Alt+E Show Exception dialog box
16 Ctrl+F11 Toggle between Assembly and user code view
17 Shift+F5 Stop Debugging
18 Ctrl+F5 Bypass debugger
19 Ctrl+Alt+P Show attach to process window
20 Ctrl+Alt+break Break all executing threads

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