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Lesson 17: HTML5 Application Cache

HTML5 Application Cache

HTML5 Application Cache: HTML5 introduces application cache, which means that a web application is cached, and accessible without an internet connection. Application cache gives an application three advantages: Offline browsing – users can use the application when they’re offline Speed – cached resources load faster Reduced server load – the …

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Google’s New Messanger App Goolge ALLO

Google Allo

Google Allo, a smart messaging app: Google is announcing a new messaging app Recently. It’s called Allo and its main feature is a Google assistant that’s built right in. Google says it’ll be available later this summer. Google Allo is a mobile-only app that you might think is meant to replace …

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Lession : 2. Getting Started PHP

Getting Started PHP : To Getting Started PHP . Firstly, we need the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java script. As we previously discussed , to run a PHP file we need a server(localhost) that is XAMPP or WAMP. Let’s us discuss how to install XAMPP server How to …

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Lesson 16: HTML5 Web Storage

HTML5 Web Storage

HTML5 Web Storage: HTML5 Web Storage is new feature in HTML5. With HTML 5, web pages can store data locally within the user’s browser. In Other Words Storing Temporary Data is called as “Web Storage”. While Using Web Storage we can load current details of user, game scores, user preferences etc., on …

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Lesson 15: HTML5 New Form Elements

New Form Elements

HTML5 New Form Elements: HTML5 has the following new form elements: <datalist> <keygen> <output> Note: Not all major browsers support all the new form elements. However, you can already start using them; If they are not supported, they will behave as regular text fields. 1.HTML5 <datalist> Element: The <datalist> element …

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Lesson 13:HTML5 New Form Input Types Example

HTML5 New Form Input Types: HTML5 has several new input types for forms. These new features allow better input control and validation. This chapter covers the new input types: color date datetime datetime-local email month number range search tel time url week Note: Not all major browsers support all the …

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Lesson 11:HTML5 Audio Tag

HTML5 Audio Tag: HTML5 provides a standard for playing audio files. Audio on the Web Until now, there has not been a standard for playing audio files on a web page.Today, most audio files are played through a plug-in (like flash). However,different browsers may have different plug-ins. HTML5 defines a new …

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