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Lession : 2. Getting Started PHP

Getting Started PHP :

To Getting Started PHP . Firstly, we need the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java script. As we previously discussed , to run a PHP file we need a server(localhost) that is XAMPP or WAMP. Let’s us discuss how to install XAMPP server

How to Install XAMPP on Windows :

Go to Official site or Click here XAMPP . After entering into the site you will find like this screen . Follow the following Pictorial steps for the installation of XAMPP.

Step 1 :
Getting Started PHP

Step 2 : Click on the Run button to run the file

Getting Started PHP

Step 4 : After running the file you will get like this :Xampp

Step 5 : Click on Next button and you will find like this :xampp running

Step 6 : Click on Finish Button :xampp_install_step_5

Step 7 : You will get the Control panel of XAMPP and then Click on Start buttons of Apache and Mysql to run the server:XAMPP-Control-Panel-started

Step 8 : To run the local host just click on admin button in control panel of XAMPP or else just type localhost on any browser or just type the ip address : in any browserphpmyad2

How to Run a Program :

After successful installation of XAMPP . Let us go for an example,Open the notepad++ and write the below example code :

Note : echo is used to display the Output.

After writing the code save the file as index.php.To run the file on the server . we have to save the index.php in htdocs folder of XAMPP folder which is located in the C drive of your computer. After successful saving the file in htdocs to test the code , just type localhost on any browser and your code will be executed.

Note : If u have the Skype in your PC .XAMPP will not run .So to solve this you have to change the port number of your XAMPP or else you must quit the Skype.because both of them have same port i.e 80.

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