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Lesson 17: HTML5 Application Cache

HTML5 Application Cache:

HTML5 introduces application cache, which means that a web application is cached, and accessible without an internet connection.

Application cache gives an application three advantages:

  • Offline browsing – users can use the application when they’re offline
  • Speed – cached resources load faster
  • Reduced server load – the browser will only download updated/changed resources from the server

Browser Support:

Application cache is supported in all major browsers, except Internet Explorer.

Application Cache Features:

  • Also called as Offline pages
  • It is used to automatically save the page in the browser’s memory, so that the page can run on the browser offline also, later.
  • Here, the system automatically stores the page on the browser’s memory, without user interaction, when the page is opened for the first time.
  • Next time on words, the page runs locally (offline) from browser memory.
  • The programmer can force the browser to get a latest copy of the page, at-a-later time, by changing the some date in the “.appcache’ file.

Benefits of Application Cache:

  • Users can view the pages offline also
  • Reducing burden on the servers
  • Speed-Cached Resource Load Faster


Download Complete Code Here ApplicationCache

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