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Sealed Class in c#

Sealed Class in C#:

Sealed class is used to define the inheritance level of a class.The sealed modifier is used to prevent derivation from a class. An error occurs if a sealed class is specified as the base class of another class.

When applied to a class, the sealed modifier prevents other classes from inheriting from it. In the following example, class B inherits from class A, but no class can inherit from class B.


Example 2:

In the following example, Z inherits from Y but Z cannot override the virtual function F that is declared in X and sealed in Y.

Important Points:

1.  A class, which restricts inheritance for security reason is declared, sealed class.
2.  Sealed class is the last class in the hierarchy.
3.  Sealed class can be a derived class but can’t be a base class.
4.  A sealed class cannot also be an abstract class. Because abstract class has to provide functionality and here we are
restricting it to inherit.

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