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Every Sql Server Developer Should know this Tips

Every SQL Server Developer Should Know this tips

1.Query Execution Order in Sql Query:-
1.From clause
2.Where clause
3.Group by clause
4.Having clause
5.Select clause
6.Order by clause

2. Find  Number of Tables In a Single DataBase


3.Find All Number of Columns In a DataBase

4.Find Number of Columns In a Single Table


5.Find All Number of Views In a Database

6.Find Number of Views On a single Table 


7.Find All Number of Stored Procedure In a Database 

8.Find All Number of  Functions  In a Database

9.Find All Number of  Triggers  In a Database

10.Find All Number of  Indexes In a Database



don’t worry we will add more important sql server tips and query in this post keep read with us.

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