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Indexes in Sql Server one by one

Indexes in Sql Server one by one:-

Indexes are created to Improve performance of data accessing or data retrieval
Index Improves performance of “select” operation.
Types of Indexes:
1.simple Index
2.composite Index
3.Unique Index
4.Clustered Index
5.Non Clustered Index

Sample Tables:


1.Simple Index:-
If the Index is created on single column then the Index is called simple Index

2.composite Index:-

If index is based on Multiple Columns then if is called composite Index.

3.Unique Index:-

Unique Index doesn’t allow duplicates into the column on which index is created


4.Clustered Index:-
Order of values in index and order of values in table are same then the Index is called Clustered Index.
–>By Default SQL Server creates Clustered index on primarykey columns
–>A Table Allows only 1 Clustered Index
–>A Table Allows 255 non Clustered Indexes

5.Non Clustered Index:-

If order of the values in index and Order of the values in table are not same then the index is called Non Clustered Index.

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