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How to know object information in sql server

How to know object information in sql server:

Suppose we are working on a supporting project or Application Maintenance and we are new to that application and we don’t have the full knowledge on that database, in that situation some times we need to work on below things

  • we need to Identify from which stored procedure tables are modifying.
  • we need to Identify column usages in different views/Stored Procedure/Triggers etc
  • how many views are applied to the table?
  • how many triggers are applied to the table?
  • and many more

For above situation we have below query

in above syntax in the place give your name you can pass anything like column name,table name,view name,stored procedure name,trigger name etc.

it will retrieve all the occurrence of the passed name from entire database

for example here i want to know in which locations UserID column was used.

the above query returns below output it returns all the Sps,views etc which was used UserId column


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