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To increase sql Performance always we need to keep an eye on log File size. DBCC SQLPERF command will get size information about the transaction logs for all databases , so this command will useful in helping to monitor the growth of your transaction logs.

Syntax: DBCC SQLPERF( logspace)



The idea here is to capture and store the growth information at set intervals. This can provide a way to report on how much the logs are growing by and when. Reports are then delivered by an automated process.

1.Create a table to store LogTransctions here i taken table name as LogTransMonitor

2.Insert values into LogTransMonitor table

3.Now run the code and then have a look at the data in your new table and it will look very similar to the output from running DBCC SQLPERF(logspace) to screen


TIP: Create a schedule job and run above step 2 insert query every day in certain time then you can keep track on log file size on every day


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