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AdventureWorks Database collection (2014,2012,2008,2005)

The AdventureWorks database is a fictitious company database that has existed since SQL Server 2005 as a means to show new functionality in each new version released. Because the Books Online TSQL samples leverage this sample database, AdventureWorks has become a vital aspect of learning new features/constructs within SQL Server.

AdventureWorks database is primary database to learn sql server queries, when new version of sql server released then new AdventureWorks database version will  be released, as a sql developer  we have to find download link for new release so here i am making an article for all AdventureWorks version download links.

Below are the download links for AdventureWorks database from Sql server 2005 to Sql server 2014.

Sql Server 2014 Download Source
Sql Server 2012 Download Source
Sql Server 2008 R2 Download Source
Sql Server 2008 Download Source
Sql Server 2005 Download Source


when any new AdventureWorks version is released we will update the download link here


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