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sql server query pagination

From SQL Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a couple of T-SQL Enhancements. One of them is Query Pagination. In most of the applications, a common requirement is how to fetch the data from the database servers as page wise.

In earlier versions of SQL Server like SQL Server 2005/2008/R2, we can implement Pagination by using different techniques like ROW_NUMBER() function or CTE – Common Table Expression. where as n SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has introduced Pagination as a part of Select query in a Order By clause. Now you will have to use OFFSET and FETCH NEXT with the order by clause.

For this demonstration i am using AdventureWorks2008 , I have created a Stored Procedure which takes two parameters. First parameter takes the page number and the second parameter  no. of records for that page.

below is The stored procedure:


exec GetRecords 1,10


exec GetRecords 2,10



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