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Hello everyone I am Software Developer having 3+ years of Experience in Microsoft Technologies and Others. My skills :-, C#,, SQL SERVER, web services, windows Service,Windows applications,HTML,CSS, JavaScript,JQuery,AnjularJs

July, 2016

  • 16 July

    How to Send an Email In Perfect way Using C#

    How to Send an Email In Perfect Way using C#: Now a days for every website email communication is very important. for example if an user registered in your website then you need to send an automatic email to user for acknowledgment of his Registration of if he requests forgot …

  • 7 July

    C# Static Class

    Static Class

    C# Static Class: A C# static class cannot be instantiated. In other words, you cannot use the new keyword to create a variable of the class type. Because there is no instance variable, you access the members of a static class by using the class name itself. A Static Class …

  • 7 July

    Sealed Class in c#

    Sealed Class

    Sealed Class in C#: Sealed class is used to define the inheritance level of a class.The sealed modifier is used to prevent derivation from a class. An error occurs if a sealed class is specified as the base class of another class. When applied to a class, the sealed modifier …

  • 7 July

    Abstract Class in C#

    Abstract Class

    Abstract Class in C# An Abstract Class means that, no object of this class can be instantiated, but can make derivation of this. It can serve the purpose of base class only as no object of this class can be created.Abstract Class is denoted by the keyword abstract. The abstract …

  • 7 July

    Partial Class in C#

    Partial Class

    1.Partial Class: Partial Class is a special type of class and it is introduced with .Net Framework 2.0. Partial Class allows its members – method, properties, and events – to be divided into multiple source files (.cs). At compile time these files get combined into a single class. A Partial class splits …

  • 7 July

    Lesson 7: Class in C#

    C# Classes

    Class in C#: A class in c# is a group of related methods and variables. A class describes these things, and in most cases, you create an instance of this class, now referred to as an object. On this object, you use the defined methods and variables. A class is …

June, 2016

  • 23 June

    C# Complete Tutorial(Step By Step)

    C# Complete Tutorials (Step by Step): C# (pronounced as see sharp) is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. The most recent version is C# 6.0, which was released on July 20, 2015. From This Article We can Learn C# Step by Step. Lesson1 : C# Introduction Lesson2 : .Net Framework Lesson3 : Visual Studio Software …

  • 23 June

    Lesson 3:Hello World Example in C#

    Hello World Example in C#: For Making Progrms in C# we need Visual Studio Software. You can Download Visual Studio software following Microsft Link   Now Open Visual Studio and Follow Below Steps Step 1: Go to File>New>Project Step 2:From Left Side Project Templates Select Visual C#>Select Console Application Step …

  • 18 June

    OTP Generation in with C#

    OTP Generator C#

    OTP Generation in C#: OTP Generation is very important in today’s programming. OTP Stands for one time Password. it is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction OTPs avoid a number of shortcomings that are associated with traditional (static) password-based authentication. Now a days OTP is used …

  • 3 June

    SQL Server Management Studio Shortcut Keys

    Sql server shortcut keys

    SQL Server Management Studio Shortcut Keys: Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time and can improve productivity as well. SQL server Management Studio has several keyboard shortcuts. Here, we will explore the most essential and Important shortcuts which will make our daily programming More easily.   See Also Visual Studio Shortcut …

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