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Data Definition Language(DDL) Commands In Sql Server:

Data Definition Language(DDL) :- DDL Commands Includes CREATE Statement ALTER Statement DROP Statement TRUNCATE Statement   1. CREATE Statement: By using CREATE Statement we Can create Database Objects Like ( Tables, Views, Indexes,  User Defined Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers, Rules,  Defaults) Syntax:-   2.ALTER Statement: By using ALTER Statement We Can modifying  the …

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Data Types in SQL SERVER

Data Types in SQL SERVER:    Data Type means the type of data which users provided to a specific column. In SQL Server 2 types of data types available which includes System Defined Data Types User Defined Data Types.       1.System Defined Data Types: SQL Server already contains …

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How to Drop a Primary Key Constraints in Sql Server

 In Sql Server, primary key can be created graphically or using a query . 1.Graphically and  2.using a query  1.Graphically :- Expand Databases -> Expand Database(What ever you created) -> Expand Tables->Select table Which Table You Want to  Drop a primary key-> Right Click on table Select Design->Find column Which column applied a primary …

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Constraints in SQL Server

Constraint are using to restricted the insertion of unwanted data in any columns. we can create constraints on single or multiple columns of any table. It maintain the data integrity of  the table. Constraints can be specified when the table is created (inside the CREATE TABLE statement) or after the …

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How to Create A Table

       Definition of Table:- A Table is an object Used to Store data in Rows and Columns Formate.A Single Table Stores information about a particular topic, Such as customers,products, or orders etc.      In Sql Server, Tables can be created graphically or using a query. 1.Graphically and 2.using …

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Create a Database In SQL Server

Create a Database In SQL Server Database:- A Database is a Systematic Collection of Data.It Contains Tables,Rows and Columns. Database Management System:-A Database Management System is a Collection of programs that enables you store,Modify and Extract Information from a Database.   In SQL Server Management Studio We can Create a …

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How to Connect SQL Server

How to Connect SQL Server: Once you Installed sql server Successfully  on your machine,You Should Follow Following Steps to Connect SQL Server:- 1.Go to Start Menu->All Programs ->Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 or any version  Folder -> Select  SQL Server Management Studio. Next We Will Get Like This:       …

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