Monday , December 11 2017

How to Increase the SSMS Results Grid Font Size?

How to Increase the SSMS Results Grid Font Size? If we want to increase  font size for query editor we can easily increase  by using ctrl+mousewheel button. and if we want increase result window grid size then we can also easily increase its font size by using below steps 1.This is …

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Sql Server Data Types


Sql Server Data Types: 1.Numeric Datatypes : Data Type Maximum Size Explanation BIT Integer that can be 0, 1, or NULL. TINYINT 0 to 255 SMALLINT -32768 to 32767 INT -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 BIGINT -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 DECIMAL(m,d) m defaults to 18, if not specified. d defaults to 0, if not …

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Sql Server Important Queries


Sql Server Important Queries: 1.View All Tables in a Particular Database: [crayon-5a2e820b846d9211609366/] For example if you want to know all table names which contains Sales [crayon-5a2e820b846e5024126891/] 2.View All Triggers in a Particular Database: [crayon-5a2e820b846e9882770004/] 3.View Any object definition: [crayon-5a2e820b846ec542468442/] in the place of Name we can give either table name …

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How to know when database Restored in sql server


How to know when database Restored in sql server: In some situation we want to know from which location and in which time database was that time we will use below query [crayon-5a2e820b85159363775306/] It will return below output: Thanks for reading this article if you like this article please …

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How to know object information in sql server

sql module

How to know object information in sql server: Suppose we are working on a supporting project or Application Maintenance and we are new to that application and we don’t have the full knowledge on that database, in that situation some times we need to work on below things we need to …

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Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Keys


Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Keys: By learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts, we can speed up our Internet Access via Google Chrome Below is a listing of all the major shortcut keys used with the Google Chrome Internet browser. 1.Tab and Window Shortcut Keys: Action Shortcut Open a new window Ctrl …

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When SQL Server Uses Indexes:

When SQL Server Uses Indexes: Sql sever uses indexes of a table provided the select or update or delete statement contained “where” condition in them and more over the where condition column must be a indexed column. If the select statement contain an “order by” clause also indexes will use. …

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MVC Introduction


MVC is a Web Application Framework developed by Microsoft. Ideally it is a 3 Layer Architectural Pattern. MVC Means Model, View and  Controller.Each Layer has its own responsibility.It is Widely Used Framework in Application Development, It is Light Weight and Highly Testable presentation framework. The pattern specifies where each kind of logic …

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