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Indexes in Sql Server one by one


Indexes in Sql Server one by one:- Indexes: Indexes are created to Improve performance of data accessing or data retrieval Index Improves performance of “select” operation. Types of Indexes: 1.simple Index 2.composite Index 3.Unique Index 4.Clustered Index 5.Non Clustered Index Sample Tables: Table 1:EMPLOYEE [crayon-5cb8943d221cc920023344/] 1.Simple Index:- If the Index …

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Set Operators in Sql Server (one by one)


Set Operators in Sql Server (one by one): SQL server provides the following set operators which combines results from two or more Queries into a single result set. Those are: 1.Union 2.union All 3.Intersect 4.Except To combine the results of two queries we need to follow the below basic rules …

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Subqueries:- 1.A query inside another query is known as subquery. 2.First inner query is executed then result of inner query is input for outer query. 3.Outer can be insert/update/delete/select 4.inner query must be always select. Types of Subqueries:- 1.single row subquery 2.Multirow Subquery 3.Co-related Subquery [crayon-5cb8943d230e0504321482/] Sample Tables: Table 1:EMPLOYEE …

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Every Sql Server Developer Should know this Tips


Every SQL Server Developer Should Know this tips 1.Query Execution Order in Sql Query:- 1.From clause 2.Where clause 3.Group by clause 4.Having clause 5.Select clause 6.Order by clause 2. Find  Number of Tables In a Single DataBase   [crayon-5cb8943d23527320030314/] 3.Find All Number of Columns In a DataBase [crayon-5cb8943d2352d468674228/] 4.Find Number of …

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Multirow Functions:-


Multirow Function:- These functions process group of Rows and Return one value. This functions are also called group functions or aggregate functions. 1.Max():- Returns Maximum value [crayon-5cb8943d2450c106257010/] [crayon-5cb8943d24514131737104/] Maximum salary of managers? select Max(sal)from emp where Job=’MANAGER’ 2.Min():- Returns Minimum value [crayon-5cb8943d24518761124596/] [crayon-5cb8943d2451a482796595/] 3.Sum():- Returns total [crayon-5cb8943d2451d777394862/] 4.Avg():- Returns average …

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Expenses Manager and Money Saver


Expenses Manager and Money Saver: now a days Managing personal income and expenses are very important. with a proper management we can reduce the unnecessary expenses to track your each expense and income, its better write down them.unlike the early days,now we can record all the transactions right after they …

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Parallel Space-Multi Accounts


Parallel Space-Multi Accounts: As one of the top-ranked tool on Android, Parallel Space helps more than 20 million users log in to their multi accounts at the same time on one device! It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on device with the Incognito Installation feature. So far …

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View Classification


Views:-  View Definition:- A View is nothing but an image table or virtual table, which is created for a base table. A view can be created by taking all values from the base table or by taking only selected values from base table. There are two types views available in …

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Studyclues JOINS

JOINS: Joins in SQL Server explained bellow (one by one):- These are used for retrieving the data from one or more tables at a time.Joins can be used in any of the following ways. 1.Equi-joins 2.Non-equi-joins 3.Self join 4.Cross join 5.outer join Sample Tables: Table 1:EMPLOYEE [crayon-5cb8943d251d6221770761/]   Table 2: …

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